We make custom magnetic bracelets, anklets and necklaces with magnetic hematite and rare earth magnets.

We can ship custom orders received by September 29th on the first week of October.

Any orders received between September 30th – October 30th will be shipped out on first week of November.

Shipping is free to USA, Canada & UK.

Single Row bracelets/anklets $30

Double Row Bracelets $35

Triple Row Bracelets $45

Send a message with your requests for design or color and we will make your custom jewelry.

We will send you a pic before we mail it to confirm, then payment will be  via paypal.

Just let us know the length in inches or centimeters.  Usually measure around  your wrist and add half an inch for the perfect length.  For anklets add one inch.  We make everything to order.


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